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Month: January 2022

EDTalkNZ’s Greatest Hits

The Beatles did it so it seemed like a good idea, at the start of the year, to reflect on the blogs that have been the most read, having the greatest number of visitors. EdTalkNZ has posted 186 blogs after picking up the role when APN Educational Media ceased to publish the New Zealand Education Review which carried the The Last Page column for a number of years (around 225 columns). So here we go the 10 most popular blogs from EdTalkNZ in 2021.

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EdTalkNZ’s Greatest Hits 2021

1. NCEA must not be Distorted

Published: 14/06/2019

So NCEA is to undergo a major review and guess what, the end point of all this fuss will look more like the past than the future! For instance, there is to be a renewed focus on subjects…

2. It was the heading that caught my Eye

Published 30/09/2021

It was inevitable that the urgency to get people vaccinated would reach the schools. This is no new step, schools have a long, honourable, and successful relationship with vaccinations…

3. We’ve got the Apples but not the Teachers

Published 26/07/2021

The Government’s solution to the apparent teacher shortage is to increase their engagement in Covid-Roulette by opening the borders to 300 teachers from overseas…

4. Ten Years: Opportunity of Sentence

Published: 18/20/2021

Ten years is a very long time. Calculate the numbers of Māori and Pasifika students who face the provision of programmes that have been declared as failing in terms of equity and therefore access to a sound tertiary programme…

5. Happy New Year!

Published: 21/01/2021

As thousands of school students, school leavers and tertiary students face the challenges of a new start to new places and new levels of learning it is an anxious time…

6. Well done Minister! You’ve done it again!

Published: 14/11/2020

Those struggling to conclude the review of NCEA have been shown the way by Minister Hipkins who has a practical and student-oriented understanding of the way NCEA works and the value that it brings in its current shape to many students…

7. At Last NZ’s Dirty Big Secret is out

Published: 09/07/2021

At last, the dirty secret that education has by and large brushed over is to be brought into the open with a serious review of absenteeism in the school system. All power to their arm…

8. Covid or Coffee ; The Lowdown on Lockdown

Published: 06/09/2021

Where did this mania for drinking coffee come from! It seems to be to the middle classes and the rich what Kentucky Fried is to the great unwashed. It’s nuts. Well. Quite literally…

(NOTE: The Greatest Hits were compiled using the data on number of reads – the No. 1 is a Golden Oldie from 2019 with in excess of 9,000 “hits” technically speaking. The lowest level in the list scored 500 hits!)

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