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Chipping your way into a house

An interesting article in the NZ Herald this morning – yet another piece about how hard it is to get your first house. But this was one story with a difference.

A young man in his twenties had not only bought his first house but also had another rental property. Not bad you might think – rich parents obviously!

But no, his story was simpler.

He decided early on that he wanted to be a builder so he enrolled in a programme which led to an apprenticeship and he was on his way. He attributes the fact that he could “earn while he learned” as something of a key to his entry into the property market. He is modest in not claiming to have also been diligent about saving!

The other string to his success bow perhaps reflects the skills he was developing. When he found he needed more money he  be rejected by those who”got a second job.” This will no doubt be rejected by those that this is simply not possible. But it seems that it was because he had marketable skills.

He noted that others were off travelling or still working into and through university while he was making his way in the world.

It was something of a testimony to the value of technical skills and training that leads more quickly into work and therefore into an income. Often the anecdotes are about how those with higher education qualifications earn more than those with what are thought to be “lower qualifications”. But stories such as this one show that  this is not always the best way.

“Earn while you learn” – it seems something of a glib slogan but when it can be done and when it is done the results can be good for everyone. Of course, a set of personal qualities that allow for some energetic commitment to hard work is also quite helpful.

It made for a different story and a different take on the difficulties of getting into the property market. Get skills then take them into the market.



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