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A Day in the Life of the Principal of Election High

Another day of meetings.

9.00am Pam Corkery, 3K

Principal   “I won’t mince my words, Pam, although I wish you had minced yours! You can’t talk to others like that, you can’t call them those vile things. Can’t you control your temper?”

Pam   “ I simply said everything that people had been thinking about the them, Sir.”

Principal   “That may be so, but you have brought great discredit to the school and I am going to stand you down!”

Pam   “But does that mean I shall miss the Ball?”

Principal   “Yes! And that is appropriate considering how comprehensively you dropped it!”

10.00am  John Key, Head Boy

Principal   “Come in, John. How are things going? I though you played rather well in the First XV match at the weekend.”

John   “Thank you, Headmaster. Their front row was pretty weak I thought.’

Principal   Yes, and their game plan wasn’t up to much. They simply ran around the field following us all the time.”

John   Well, I told  the boys before the match to keep the tempo up. Frankly the real danger was interference from the sideline. Remember that last week someone stole the ball!

Principal   Do you see any problems coming up in the last four weeks of the competition?

John   Not really but the MMP Final is always close. We want it more than them, we’ll give it 100%, it could be a game of two halves, at the end of the day, it’s not over until the whistle blows. Do you think we could use pyrotechnics before the final?

Principal   Oh, I think that’s the bell – I probably have to go and do something, go into the ring, go and vote, go to assembly?

1.00pm  Laila Harre,  Leader of the Election High Student Amnesty Group

Notice to Staff:

You will recall that Laila Harre was with us for some time until she shifted out of our zone. I wish to advise you that she has returned to Election High. I want you to make her feel welcome but I need to draw your attention to several things. When last she was at this school she showed great promise but unfortunately it seemed to be frustrated by the people she was mixing with. I am told that she has become associated with another interesting group which could prove to be an issue. Please keep the deputy principal aware of any problems you face.

12.00 noon  Jamie Whyte – new to the school, with caregivers

Principal   I wasn’t expecting a group of adult caregivers with Jamie.

Spokesperson   Well as you know ACT has great compassion for orphans and those who don’t quite fit. We are a firm of solicitors, Prebble Douglas Hyde and Banks and we assist them in this work. We have come to sort out Jamie’s enrolment at Election High.

Principal   Would you like a cup of tea? No, well let’s talk about the subjects that Jamie would like to do.

Jamie   Philosophy. I would like to do philosophy.

Principal   Excellent, I studied philosophy. It has stood me in good stead, I win most arguments with Form 4 boys by cleverly employing the syllogistic techniques and then closing the discussion with an apposite quotation from Plato. I find the allegory of The Cave a little beyond them, but that doesn’t stop me.

At this point the groups settles back into the couches in the office knowing that this meeting would in all probability be long.                     


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